Our Second Chance Credit Experts Put You in the Driver’s Seat!

Life happens. Maybe you’ve fallen behind on your payments in the past; perhaps even had a repossession.  Our credit professionals are here to get your life back on track.  With Premier Auto Import’s method of financing, we can get you approved … even when other places have told you no. Let our experts show you how fast and easy it can be.  To begin with, we don’t need your social security number to get you pre-approved. Simply fill out the information on the mini application and let our team handle the rest. In minutes, we will review the information, pass it off to our group of lenders and get you pre-approved ( all without using your social security number ! ).  All you need is 2 paycheck stubs, a job, your proof of residence and you’re well on your way to driving one of our beautiful selected automobiles!

Let Premier Auto Imports Get You Moving Again!
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